• Reference
  • Deformation energy
    • Geometric energy to strtch and band thin shell from one shape t another as difference between first and second fundamental form
      • First: stretching
      • second: bending
    • Approach:
      • Given constraints (handle position / orientation, find surface that min deformation energy)
    • Linear Approximation
      • Energy based on fundamental forms in non-linear function of displacements
        • Hard to minimize
      • linear approximation using partial derivatives of displacement function.
        • Assume parameterization of displacement field d(u,v)
        • Bending:
          • linear energy:
            • laplace = 0 minimize surface area
          • Variational calculus, Euler0-Lagrange equations:
            • laplace of laplace: make it smooth (the derivative of surface change continuously and is minimized)
          • So, apply bi-laplacian on mesh
    • Skeletal animation

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