Work summary 07/28/2017

Monday 07/24 Finish user study survey. Tuesday 07/25 Revised user study. Try interpolation Wednesday 07.26 Finish interpolation, try to debug the strange lines (failed) Thursday 07/27 Solve the bug 306 & 400 for vive by: disconnect the usb, hdmi and power. steamVR->Settings -> disconnect all usb devices Reboot the laptop steamVR->Settings -> enable direct mode … Read moreWork summary 07/28/2017

581. Shortest Unsorted Continuous Subarray

Description: Algorithm: Only need to care about the start index and end index Code:

Time & Space: O(n) & O(1)

289. Game of Life

Description: Algorithm: Use state machine to finish in-place. Code:

Time & Space: O(n) & O(1)

User study research

Foveated 3D Graphics 3 Tests: pair test, ramp test, slider test pair test: designed to interrogate what foveation quality level was comparable to non-foveated rendering Each 8 seconds long and separated by a short interval (0.5s) of black, in both orders Question:whether the first rendering was better, the second was better, or the two were the same quality. … Read moreUser study research

Install Dlib on Visual Studio 2015

Step1: Download Dlib Download Dlib from and extract. Download face landmark detection predictor data Step2: Use cmake to generate library Use cmake to build the library. Set the directories as shown in the Figure 1 below Click “Generate” and set the configuration as shown in Figure 2 Click “Finish” Go to “C:/Users/xmeng525/Dropbox/OPENCV_STUDY/dlib-19.4/build”, open the Dlib solution … Read moreInstall Dlib on Visual Studio 2015

283. Move Zeroes

Description: Algorithm: Use swap. Code:

Time & Space: O(n) & O(1)

268. Missing Number

Description: Algorithm: Use sum as shown in Code1. Use XOR Code1:


Time & Space: O(n) & O(1)

238. Product of Array Except Self

Description: Algorithm: As shown in Code. Code1 (62ms, beats 20.95%): class Solution { public: vector<int> productExceptSelf(vector<int>& nums) { int n = nums.size(); vector<int> fromLeft = vector<int>(n, 1); vector<int> fromRight = vector<int>(n, 1); vector<int> result = vector<int>(n, 1); for (int i = 1; i < nums.size();i++) { fromLeft[i] = nums[i – 1] * fromLeft[i – … Read more238. Product of Array Except Self