Challenges: Mathematical representation of model learning models parameters from data Overview: generative face model space of faces: goals each face represented as high dimensional vector each vector in high dimensional space represents a face Each face consists of shape vector Si Texture vector Ti Shape and texture vectors: Assumption: known point to point corrsp between … Read more1128

Iterator of set


Reference http://www.pmp-book.org/download/slides/Deformation.pdf https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/25804146 Deformation energy Geometric energy to strtch and band thin shell from one shape t another as difference between first and second fundamental form First: stretching second: bending Approach: Given constraints (handle position / orientation, find surface that min deformation energy) Linear Approximation Energy based on fundamental forms in non-linear function of displacements … Read moredeformation

Nov14. Mesh Smoothing

Mesh smoothing: local averaging minimize local gradient energy in 3 dimensions Fourier transform (low pass filter) similar to local averaging idea image convolution F(A*B) = F(A) * F(B) Spectral Analysis In general: extending eigenvalues, eigenvectors to linear operators on (continuous) functions. Fourior transform: approximate signal as weighted sum (linear combination) of sines and cosines of … Read moreNov14. Mesh Smoothing