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Finished 5 leetcode problems.

  • Know the difference between vec.emplace_back() and vec.push_back().
    • https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4303513/push-back-vs-emplace-back

Parallel Computing Study:

  • Watch video of class2
    • https://classroom.udacity.com/courses/cs344/lessons/67054969/concepts/673560200923
    • Bill Dally mentioned that CPU is not getting faster…we use more parallelism now.
    • Four communication patterns:
      • map: all the inputs do the same calculation (efficient in GPU).
      • gather: calc average of several pixels.
      • scatter: write several memory units with one value.
      • stencil: tasks read input from a fixed neighborhood in an array.
    • Transpose:
      • reorder data elements in memory
      • Transpose: AoS [array of structures] vs.  SoA [structure of arrays]
    • Transpose: AoS [array of structures] vs.  SoA [structure of arrays]
  • install CUDA on my PC.


  • no


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