Connect to wifi using commend line

You know, the ubuntu system in my Great Alienware is not healthy. Many functions are not working well, including the wifi connection. It is impossible to connect to a new wifi using the graphical interface. I will get error like:

Image result for active connection removed before it was initialized

I solved the connection issue using


      1. Determine the name of the wifi. In many tutorials, they directly call their wifi “wlan0”. However, the name is different on my machine. Run the following command:

        The name of my wifi is “wlp4s0”.
      2. List the wifi networks
      3. choose the wifi you want to connect to, and run the following commend:
      4.  Check whether the wifi is connected:
      5.  Notice: Actually in my desktop I still see an icon as no connection, but actually it is connected!

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