• Gensim Tutorial:
    • https://radimrehurek.com/gensim/models/word2vec.html
    • Use google-news model as pre-trained model
    • clustering based on distance matrix
    • Question: how do we do the clustering?
      • should cluster on the keywords?
      • should cluster on the keywords-related words?
  • Leg dissection demo:
    • 18 cameras 30frames 10G
    • 5 cameras 100 frames 6G
    • Question:
      • what is our task?
        • we cannot change focal length now. we can only change the viewpoint
        • if we want dynamic, we should have dynamic mesh?
  • Foveated ray-tracing:
    • input: eye ray + 1spp
    • output: foveated image
    • question: If we use foveated image as ground truth, what should be the denoising algorithm for the ground truth?
  • TODO:
    • read G3D code and change sample number
    • read papers (nvd, disney)
    • Homework

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